The developers of the unique educational concept at the KomoArt” Interactive Systems specialize in developing and creating interactive computerized systems for technologically advanced educational surroundings. These systems are incorporated into the diverse activities offered at the Center.

The accumulated experience of over 45 years in the field of pedagogical instruction grants the systems appreciation and favorable reputation among various academic institutions and educational authorities worldwide.

The systems have been successfully marketed in 43 countries and translated into 20 different languages.

 The constant innovative development of  new current applications in a unique technological environment is enhanced through innovative outlooks that combine individual and group activities at various workstations, connected to a computerized system in real time. These stations can process data for drawing conclusions or personal adaptation.

 According to the systems’ applications, the learning goals and programs, the systems combine diverse activities with tactical accessories suited for defined educational objectives.

The interactive combination of advanced audio systems with visual presentations consisting of video and 3D animation, provide users a challenging and interesting learning experience.

During the dozens of years developing and creating in the field of Educational Technology in Israel, the various systems that were developed according to the unique educational and technological foundation of knowledge applied in the Amot Interactive Systems, received high praise by all sectors in the Israeli Education.

The educational computerized programs and systems are designed for preschools, primary schools, obtaining excellence, special needs and more.

When resources were allocated for Educational Technology, hundreds of thousands of students in Israel and millions worldwide had the privilege of learning and enriching their world through these systems.

Dozens of computerized learning systems and interactive systems developed by professional teams – the developers of KomoArt” Interactive Systems – were evaluated and distributed throughout Israeli educational institutions by the National Team for Evaluation of Software and Computerized Educational Programs in Israeli Education, by the Department of Science and Technology and by the Department for Computers in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Examples of computerized educational programs and activities that were evaluated and distributed to educational institutions in Israel:

Educational computerized learning programs in Math:

  • Math maps
  • Math maze
  • Foundations of math

Thought and Creation:

  •  Puzzles
  • Color
  • Draw a puzzle
  • Color with words

Thought and Creation – Math:

  •  A whole and its parts – A
  • A whole and its parts – B
  • Letters and directions in space
  • Mathematical concepts 3D
  • Mathematical concepts 2D
  • Cube completion
  • Spatial model and location
  • Spatial square and triangle

Thought and Creation – Math, Cognitive Abilities and Basic Concepts:

  •  Direction and letters in space
  • Draw a matrix

General Subjects:

  • The Human body
  • Road safety


  • Directions with letters
  • Spatial points, lines and shapes
  • Learning English as a second language

Main subjects approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture incorporated in the K.I.Ducation learning system:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Language Enrichment
  • English
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Transportation
  • Road Safety
  • Music
  • The Home
  • Work
  • Spatial perception
  • Life skills
  • Science and labs
  • Health and personal hygiene
  • Electricity
  • Occupations
  • Life on the globe
  • Creativity


The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” designs unique artwork made of metal and glass. Each unique glass statue is meticulously created by hand and emphasizes a clean design that combines a flowing harmony of colors.

The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” also offers its clients a series of original numbered artistic prints with unique stickers on canvas, plexiglas and glass in various sizes for children and adults.

The “KomoArt Eduction” line includes unique learning kits with engaging books and games.

The “KomoArt Education” line provides young and adult users the ability to “co-play” and enjoy the advantages of a multi-age enriching experience.


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