HomeBitTM is a revolutionary innovation that integrates state-of-the-art technology with multi-disciplinary education to create a fascinating, interactive wonderland that captivates learners in a stimulating atmosphere of dynamic learning.
HomeBitTM’s educational approach is based on combining the latest technological advancements with the pedagogical theories of the world’s leading child psychologists and educators to maximize the development potential in young learners, encourage harmonious teamwork, and promote the assimilation and application of what they learn to new endeavors. The nature of learning with HomeBit gives each child the opportunity to express and apply his or her unique talents, abilities, skills and knowledge in making an individual contribution to the group.

HomeBit system for educational institution


My K.I.D.©: A novel breakthrough in language arts education and English language acquisition (ages 6-12).
My K.I.D. is a technological system containing absorbing, interactive activities to entice inquisitive, impressionable minds in embarking on a voyage of discovery and adventure.
In the My K.I.D. system, captivating software interfaces with an innovative interactive activity unit, playful didactic items and colorful activity mats to establish a new standard for the combining of educational methodology with technology.
An interdisciplinary range of fields forms the basis for the software topics, which tempt children’s curiosity: science, nature, technology, music, art, communication and more. Cognitive, listening, language arts, and independent learning skills are developed and strengthened by the variety of hands-on activities in each subject.

My KID system for educational institution


EDUPlay integrates successfully a computer with an interface especially designed for children 3 to 6 years old. The system design is based on scientific research showing the remarkable advantages of teaching young children by simultaneously using a computer and didactic handling elements.
The combined use of educational software and hardware items especially designed for the age of the users and an activity table for group activities (which preserves the traditional atmosphere of pre-school education) makes EDUPlay a unique educational system for the development of a variety of basic cognitive skills.

EDUPlay system for educational institution


EduMatrix is a unique and innovative learning system that provides children an educational program for developing learning and thinking skills, creativity and cultivating the unique skills and potential in each child. The distinctive program also encourages initiative and strengthens the child’s motivation for success and excellence.
EduMatrix strengthens and deepens the basic and required skills acquired by students in a learning process, which contribute to development, curiosity, thinking skills, creativity and an array of abilities which empower students and help them reach and realize their full potential.

EduMatrix system for educational institution

Action K.I.D.

One of our most unique systems is the Action K.I.D. Action K.I.D. is the learning system of the next century, integrating the latest that technology has to offer. Action K.I.D. is the ideal focal element of a multi-faceted Enrichment or School Center since it enables dozens of participants to simultaneously learn the same curriculum-based subjects from different perspectives, strengthening the internalization process. 
The Action K.I.D. system is comprised of elements such as ladders, bridges, jumping decks, ramps, passageways and stairs that link areas to one another. Activities take place on the various levels, on the sides and within an area on the ground level built with interactive cubicles like a labyrinth.

Action K.I.D. system for educational institutions

K.I.D. Grid

K.I.D. Grid is a unique hi-tech system which is fun and easy to use. Participants interact with a colorful, interactive touch grid, K.I.D. Grid, that promotes mastery of academic, cognitive and spatial skills, while strengthening logical and strategic thinking, as participants move from 2D to 3D within limited time-frames. During each session, participants receive and give instructions, while benefiting from real-time, on-going data about their performance and achievements.
K.I.D. Grid’s large, colorful, touch-activated electronic mat is an invitation to learn.  Linked to a PC, the mat has over 100 illuminated touch pads, illustrated with the customer’s selection of any combination of letters, numbers, shapes or graphic symbols.  This extraordinary flexibility makes K.I.D. Grid applicable to all ages and a very extensive variety of learning subjects within the curriculum or extra-curricula environment.

K.I.D. Grid system for educational institutions


QE is a learning system that provides children the ability to create, deepen, enrich and expand their “Tool Box” of skills. These skills are the foundation for cognitive and learning tools that are constantly used by all ages throughout the school years and later on in life.
The innovative “skill supported learning” method allows each child to be exposed on an individual/group level to challenges and tasks that require many complex skills and capabilities, through an “intelligent computer program” and challenging, sophisticated sets of accessories. 
The Skill Supported Learning – Quintessential Education method is carried out via technological workstations. Each workstation, designated for one or two users working simultaneously, includes a computer and two screens.
This innovative method of operation adds a distinct flavor to the activity and creates a visual aspect which allows users to improve their skills, their ability to percept information from various sources in “real time”, to develop their analytical abilities and control of diverse skills in order to successfully complete the task at hand and make the learning process a more effective and efficient one.

QE system for educational institution

Touch Table

An interactive system for young children with special needs.
The system includes 7 large touch keys.
The display on each key changes according to the learning topics.
The teacher can determine the use of each key in the software.
The user sits in the middle of the Touch Table system.
The keyboard that positions as a teacher position is located on the right side of the system.
The screen on which the tasks are presented and feedback is awarded is located at the back of the system.
It is possible to determine the system angle according to the needs of the user.
The activity combines 3D aids, tutorials and activity cards.

Touch Table system for educational institutions


The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” designs unique artwork made of metal and glass. Each unique glass statue is meticulously created by hand and emphasizes a clean design that combines a flowing harmony of colors.

The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” also offers its clients a series of original numbered artistic prints with unique stickers on canvas, plexiglas and glass in various sizes for children and adults.

The “KomoArt Eduction” line includes unique learning kits with engaging books and games.

The “KomoArt Education” line provides young and adult users the ability to “co-play” and enjoy the advantages of a multi-age enriching experience.


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