The “KomoArt” Team specializes in executing workshops and activities through interactive presentations in Israel and abroad for many sectors; managers of all levels, R&D, marketing, service providers and more.

Among other things, we promote designated gatherings on various topics; thinking outside the box, cultivating capabilities, teamwork, interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, effective time management, customer service, strengthening inner organizational interfaces and crisis management in organizations.

From our decades of experience, we have gained insights regarding the effectiveness of unique tactile accessories which we have developed along with humoristic illustrations that are combined in our presentations.

“KomoArt’s” special illustrations are intended for presentations in a wide range of subjects for; managers, organizational consultants, technological purposes, science, the medical field, R&D teams, presentations that indicate growth, the fields of education and psychology, business plans, fundraisers, academics and more.

The illustrations are presented in black and white or color.

The humoristic illustrations create an atmosphere of openness while causing the viewer to be more focused and interested in the presentation.

We have added a few sentences from various fields to each illustration which can be added to the illustration according to the content.

The illustrations can be used in organizational gatherings as prints on T-shirts, hats, posters, marketing material and more.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any designated needs and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Good luck,

KomoArt” Team


The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” designs unique artwork made of metal and glass. Each unique glass statue is meticulously created by hand and emphasizes a clean design that combines a flowing harmony of colors.

The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” also offers its clients a series of original numbered artistic prints with unique stickers on canvas, plexiglas and glass in various sizes for children and adults.

The “KomoArt Eduction” line includes unique learning kits with engaging books and games.

The “KomoArt Education” line provides young and adult users the ability to “co-play” and enjoy the advantages of a multi-age enriching experience.


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