“KomoArt Education” specializes in creating complete computerized educational systems designed to enhance learning within a technologically- based environment.

“KomoArt Education” is unrivaled in our ability to develop state-of-the-art computer-based systems that combine interactive software, playful didactic accessories, and unique electronic interfaces that maximize the potential of education in the classroom through the latest in innovative technology.

We have over 45 years of practical experience in the field of education. Our products have been translated into 23 different languages and are distributed in over 44 countries worldwide, such as Israel, Canada, U.S.A, India, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Chile, Czech Republic, Venezuela and Japan.

At “KomoArt Education”, we are committed to taking technology to the limit in educating children. For this, the company’s development team has received the prestigious Computer Software Award from the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel in the category of “Special Innovation and Invention in Education“. 

“KomoArt Education”‘s staff of talented in-house personnel includes creative writers, professional pedagogues, psychologists, graphic artists, audio-video specialists and computer and electronics experts who all team together to create exciting products that motivate, teach, and provide hours of learning pleasure.
All product development and production is done in-house, from the initial conceptual stage, through script, animation, recording, programming, electronic and carpentry work, publishing, creating instructional accessories and documentation.
This allows us to experiment with various pedagogical ideas, until we reach the most optimal educational solutions. Additionally, it affords us the flexibility to tailor educational solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We strongly believe in the importance of cooperative group activities, which promote social interaction and communication enhancement. Therefore, all our products are open in nature and allow the educator to play a pivotal role in the learning process.  

Pedagogical Foundation

In all its learning systems, “KomoArt Education” places special emphasis on the creation of a comprehensive educational environment where the use of tangible three-dimensional accessories is combined with computer activities and technologically-advanced devices, all designed for groups or for individual participants.

Among the main educational objectives covered by “KomoArt Education”‘s systems are:

  • Development of cognitive skills
  • Expansion of general knowledge
  • Improvement of language and communication proficiency
  • Enrichment of social skills and encouragement of cooperative learning
  • Transference from 3D to abstract and vice-versa
  •  Development of physical coordination

“KomoArt Education” systems are based on theoretical educational research done by leading pedagogues and educators in the world, among them Piaget, Elliot, Witkin and Bloom, who support the importance of spatial orientation and understanding in the learning process; the use of the tangible and abstract in different stages of learning, immediate positive and corrective feedback; the need to use the body and motion in the learning process; and the need for developing creative and diverse ways of thinking.

These critical pedagogic principles are the adapted in “KomoArt Education”‘s products, where children are first taught a specific concept through learning activities using the 3D manipulative. The computer activities follow, allowing children to learn the same concept in the abstract and use the computer as a learning tool.

The systems enable learning through increasingly challenging interactive activities, which are graded according to the specified level of cognitive abilities, so that skills acquired at earlier stages are applied in later activities.
Based on educational psychology research and on the company’s broad theoretical and practical experience, it is evident that different children have different inborn tendencies and talents. They learn in many sub-consciously visual, auditory and sensory ways. Edu Team’s computerized learning systems are designed to provide all children with a whole range of channels that apply to all the senses, and thereby provide them bright opportunities for opening new doors to knowledge.

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The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” designs unique artwork made of metal and glass. Each unique glass statue is meticulously created by hand and emphasizes a clean design that combines a flowing harmony of colors.

The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” also offers its clients a series of original numbered artistic prints with unique stickers on canvas, plexiglas and glass in various sizes for children and adults.

The “KomoArt Eduction” line includes unique learning kits with engaging books and games.

The “KomoArt Education” line provides young and adult users the ability to “co-play” and enjoy the advantages of a multi-age enriching experience.


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