“KomoArt Artisan WorkShop” | “KomoArt Education”

The “KomoArt Artisan WorkShop” designs unique sculptures made of metal and glass. We offer original printed drawings on canvas and Plexiglas for children and adults, artistic stickers, illustrations for presentations and more.
The “KomoArt Education” line includes product lines for children and adults, books and booklets for learning English, games for cognitive development, unique creative kits and more.

  • KomoArt Drawings

    KomoArt Drawings (10)

    The pictures are displayed with a watermark. However, the pictures are supplied with no watermark.
  • Creative Models

    Creative Models (8)

    "KomoArt Education" is proud to present the unique "KomoArt creative models" offers hands-on creative activity and an enriching experience for learners of all ages. With "KomoArt creative models", children produce hundreds of colorful paper crafts and three-dimensional paper models which can be integrated into various activities. "KomoArt creative models" is ideal for teamwork or group projects, encouraging cooperation, developing good…
  • Books & Activity Booklets

    Books & Activity Booklets (2)

    Dear users, We are happy to welcome you to the users, group for the “Spunky’s Amazing Adventures” series. The series includes: books and interactive learning systems that combine creative multi-sensory activities for children aged 4-10. Read More….
  • Artistic Stickers

    Artistic Stickers (18)

    The original "KomoArt" stickers are designed by designers who have earned much recognition for their work in the fields of: painting, illustration, sculpture, animation and more. From time to time, you will be offered additional stickers that will be added to the nursery and additional spaces in your home, a touch that is personalized to your child's taste. We will…
  • Mini Canvas

    Mini Canvas (20)

    The pictures are displayed with a watermark. However, the pictures are supplied with no watermark.


The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” designs unique artwork made of metal and glass. Each unique glass statue is meticulously created by hand and emphasizes a clean design that combines a flowing harmony of colors.

The “KomoArt Artisan workshop” also offers its clients a series of original numbered artistic prints with unique stickers on canvas, plexiglas and glass in various sizes for children and adults.

The “KomoArt Eduction” line includes unique learning kits with engaging books and games.

The “KomoArt Education” line provides young and adult users the ability to “co-play” and enjoy the advantages of a multi-age enriching experience.


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